These comments are unsigned. The names have been omitted to protect client confidentiality.

“I never realized how useful non-informational conversation can be.” –Physicist, age 66

“You get in there and get at it; no chit chat. I like that.” –Business Owner, age 45

“Wish I’d known all this a long time ago.” –Engineer, age 43

“Thinking this way helped me to feel less self-conscious; it was easier to relax and be myself. I also noticed that I smiled more and said thank you more often. It was easier to relax around others, look for things to like about them, and make allowances for things that were annoying. This made it easier to enjoy life and be myself, easier to look for and see good things in others, and helped me to be less afraid of rejection from others.” –Early Career Young Adult

“I’ve had a lot of conversations about this with people and our conversations by far have been the most concretely helpful. You’re doing a good job, I thank you very much.” –Manager, age 36

“You really have a way of cutting through the shit and telling things like they are.” –Analyst, age 48

“I especially admire your quiet approach and careful listening.” –Retired, age 70

“Having a weekly appointment devoted to looking at what is (and what is not) working in your life in a way that is objective, holistic, and without judgment is by itself invaluable. Add to that Kristina’s uncanny insights into human behavior and communication, and her seemingly endless toolbox of practical and easy-to-implement techniques for addressing a whole host of life issues, and you have a pretty fool-proof recipe for getting what you want out of life. I always come away from our sessions not only with a clear, succinct understanding of the underlying issues that are holding me back, but also with specific actions I can take immediately to address them. More often than not these actions are amazingly simple, and I’m left wondering, ‘Why didn’t I think of that?'” — Business Owner, age 40

“Your approach is right on. These are the things that changed a total geek and misfit at age 21 into a successful engineer and executive who could retire at age 60 with a good fortune and many interests to indulge.” –Grateful Fan

Kristina would like to thank her clients for all their support.