About Kristina

About Kristina and Why She
Works With Scientists and Engineers

As in many professions, good coaches, after a few years of experience, end up in a particular niche. Some coaches start out knowing exactly what their perfect niche is, and sometimes their niche finds them.

Kristina started as a scientist herself, in a family full of scientists and engineers. After spending her early years performing technical tasks, she progressed into environmental planning. She had to learn to reinvent the way she communicated in order to be effective with a wide range of professionals; from engineers to property developers, to activist groups.


Kristina has also raised a son with Asperger Syndrome, which is a communication disorder. For her son’s sake, through a huge amount of intense effort, she became a communication expert. She read everything there was to read about communication. She took courses, taught workshops, and tried every new technique out on any friend or family member willing to learn with her.

As Kristina learned more than she ever expected to know about communication, she began to notice a very distinct difference between the way the technical professionals communicated, and the way non-technical professionals communicated. Differences in communication styles invariably cause frustration. And she learned to bridge that barrier. Kristina learned to speak both languages.


Kristina’s Coaching Credentials

Kristina Sullivan is a certified professional life coach.  Kristina received her certification in November 2001 after completing an intensive 2-year program with the Coaches Training Institute (CTI), headquartered in San Rafael, California.  CTI is one of the top coaching and leadership programs in the nation, and its world-wide coaching program is accredited by the International Coaching Federation (ICF).

Kristina has provided leadership development and interpersonal communication coaching for hundreds of clients over the past 12 years. Kristina’s services include corporate coaching; supporting the development of high-potential employees, including coaching technical staff as they transition into management roles.  Kristina specializes in working with technical professionals such as scientists and engineers.


Professional Co-Active Coaching Certification, 2001, The Coaches Training Institute

Master of Science in Environmental Science, 1999, University of Washington

Bachelor of Science in Geography, 1993, University of Idaho