Your ability to communicate is your door into the world.

Communicating with others is your means to create the life you want and fulfill your own unique life purpose.

Would you like to:

Get promoted?

If your ability to communicate dramatically improved, what would be different in your career? Would you get a promotion at work? Or would you do an entirely different kind of work? Would you work more, or less? Certainly your work would come easier.

Fund your projects?

If you were able to speak to your customers with ease, would you be awarded more contracts?  If you understood what your customers really wanted, could you develop more winning proposals?  Establish yourself as a top producer whose projects are considered over others in your field.

Start dating with success?

What would happen in your home life if your ability to communicate dramatically improved? If you are single, would you start dating? If you are in a relationship, in what ways would improved communication improve your partnership? If you could have the relationships that you want, what would that look like?

Score one for your future self – changes you make now can improve the rest of your life.

Copyright Kristina Sullivan 2017